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Leap forward into the future

NOVASONIX introduces the latest innovation in aesthetic equipment: ONIX, Regen 4.4, the most versatile solution on the market, which affords you a wide variety of treatments in a single piece of equipment, at a frequency of 448kHz.

ONIX, Regen 4.4, brings you a step forward, placing in your hands cutting-edge technology at a highly competitive price, increasing the profits on your investment in less time.



Regeneration 4.4:

Incredible results, at 448KHz




4 families of treatments

Programmes that can be applied either individually or in combination:

  • Body reshaping
  • Tissue regeneration
  • Lifting effect
  • Antiaging treatments

ONIX technology is scientifically proven by its effectiveness in tissue recovery treatments.

4 technologies for many different applications

The most versatile solution on the market

  • CAPACITIVE: Ideal for superficial and vascularised tissue
  • UNIPOLAR RESISTIVE: Perfect for thick, dense, fatty and fibrotic tissue
  • LED PHOTO STIMULATION: Regenerating and toning. Helpful in opening up the lymph channels
  • BIPOLAR RESISTIVE: Ideal for localised superficial tissue
Capacitive RF

Ideal for superficial and vascularised tissue

Ø 20,40,60,80mm
Unipolar Resistive RF

Perfect for thick, dense, fatty and fibrotic tissue

Ø 40,60,80mm
Photo stimulation

Regenerating and toning.
Helpful in opening up the lymph channels

Ø 650mm
Bipolar Resistive RF

Ideal for localised superficial tissue

Ø 30mm

Technical characteristics

  • Monopolar output power : CAP 500VA, RES 200W
  • Bipolar output power : RES 100W
  • Frecuence: 448Khz
  • Monopolar capacitive electrode : Ø 20,40,60,80mm
  • Monopolar resistive electrode : Ø 40,60,80mm
  • Bipolar resistive electrode : Ø 30mm
  • LED
  • Power: 3W
  • Wavelength : Ø 650mm

We are at your side

At NOVASONIX we are at your side to help you achieve your goals.
And to do so, we offer you a whole world of services:

  • Ongoing Training Programmes: We train you to ensure that you are up to date with all the latest techniques and innovations in beauty, aesthetic medicine and health.
  • Protocols for Use and Application created by our medical team and training department, to help you make the very best use of ONIX.
  • Starter Pack: Towels, hair bands, conductive creams, and more. Everything you need to start applying the treatments as of day one.
  • Promotional Pack: Brochures, posters and dispensers. The marketing support you need to inform your customers of your new services.
  • Treatment centre locator at our website: Your customers will easily find you through the treatment centre locator at our website.
  • Specific cosmetics for your customers: We make our Novasonix cosmetic line available to your customers.

Why trust NOVASONIX ?

Because NOVASONIX is an expert manufacturer of aesthetic medical systems of proven efficacy, as can be seen in their widespread use by centres in Spain and abroad.

  • We have more than 10 years of experience applying engineering technology to the world of beauty and health.
  • Thanks to the NSX Method, an exclusive, proprietary and patented technology that has been put to the service of skin regeneration. Its effectiveness is guaranteed by the strictest ISO quality certificates in medicine and aesthetics.
  • We develop revolutionary innovative equipment in keeping with the strictest standards of the European aesthetic medicine industry.
  • We are manufacturers, meaning that we circumvent the extra costs associated with distribution, facilitating direct sales to the customer.
  • We are recommended by professionals of renowned prestige in the aesthetic medical field.